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Helensvale (Gold Coast) - Saturday

Sunny Saturday

sunny 25 °C

Sat 18 June Helensvale, Gold Coast
Up early and what a good night sleep. Jim got up a few times during the night and although I woke up, I quickly jumped back on the Snooze Cruise.
Didn't sleep in past 6.30am so had coffees and I shared my remaining two waffles with Jim. Magnanimous of me, I know. Took the boys for a play on the double tennis courts. Threw balls and a frisbie. Levi grabbed the frisbie first on one occasion and because it is a jelly one, he romped around like a puppy shaking the floppy frisbie - hysterical!  will have to bring video camera tomorrow.
Decided on breakfast out so we went to the Homeworld just up the road from the van park to take the boys for a free run. There's a huge piece of vacant land adjacent to the parking lot.
We crossed over the motorway to Oxenford and picked a cafe inthe Oxenford shops.  We had short blacks, Affogatto (Jim) and tea (me) to accompany our really good breakfast. Simon's Luv-A-Coffee, which was surprisingly good. It did help that the overly alert chick making the coffees is a barista!  Service was quick and efficient and friendly, and the breakfast was goooooood!
We dropped into the pet barn to pick up doggie jackets since it's getting colder and Levi is suffering as well as dry dog food.
The rest of the day was spent reading, talking and napping.
I met another couple, Dietmer & Gabby (Austrian) on my back from the facilities. I stopped because there was a small crowd watching a guy reverse his van. I asked (Dietmer) what the fuss was about, he said it's always entertaining to watch the big vans try and line up!  
We got to talking about vans and cars and then his wife joined us with chairs and what was a quick trip to the loo turned out to be an hour or so of chatting.  Jim came to find me when he woke from his nap and I still wasn't back.
We went back to the van and had coffee, catching up on blogs until dinner.
A nice day and good weather. Although a little cool out of the sun, it was around 25 deg during the day and about 10 deg at night.

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The Big Orange - not so big!


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Toowoomba to the Gold Coast

Leaving the icy weather for just cold weather

sunny 9 °C

Fri 17 June Toowoomba to Helensvale (Gold Coast)
Woke early and it was bitterly cold, about 3 degrees! Went back to bed!
Went in the house and had coffee when Elise arrived.  Jim took the boys to the park.
We had a late breakfast - I had WAFFLES
I think the cold weather is demotivating. We really couldn't get our butts in gear until late morning.
We ended up heading out at 1pm and may I say, if I didn't the other day, Jim did an amazing job at getting our van into the small front yard without incident. He repeated this feat in the reverse order today. Again, most impressive.
Going down the range out of Toowoomba was a bit hairy. The road is steep and winding with semis in low gear in the left lane and roadworks!
More roadworks! Looks like they'll have more lanes soon and it can't be soon enough for a major artery from Toowoomba east linking up with the motorway to Brisbane and south.
Saw the Big Orange (pic) before Plainsland, which in the scheme of all things BIG so far, wasn't all that impressive, then we saw a big orange/red elephant! 
As we reached the Welcome to Ipswich on the opposite side of the road we passed the Sundowner Saloon. It looked like Mexican Cantina with a giant bottle of rum out the front! - no other buildings around, just off the side of the Warrego Hwy.
Then we fed into the motorway (M2) and after missing our exit we has to take two other motorways (M7 & M5) just to get back on track. So much for visiting Jim's brother on the way in. Too crazy just to get off again and it was getting too close to peak hour traffic since we'd been held up with roadworks on the way.
So we headed straight for the Gold Coast Holiday Park in Helensvale. We finally arrive about 4pm. So much for 2hrs from Toowoomba!
We set up in the site next to the one we had last time. This time we put up the front awning as well. We haven't done that the last few times to save time on packing up and there was no space on Lesley's front lawn!
By 6pm we were sitting down for a coffee and then we took the boys for a walk. They've been so good.
We had burgers for dinner. Jim cooked the patties on the BBQ and toasted his buns - no pun intended! Whilst I got the salad makings ready and I toasted the gluten free burger buns with linseed and pepitas we bought in Toowoomba. So yummy. Even added the Jim Beam mustard.
After dinner we watched The Green Hornet with Seth Rogan. Lots of car chases and silly humour. A fun movie.
It's now 10.30pm and I am going to retire whilst Jim is catching up on Facebook. See you tomorrow. 
Glad to have power back. Not as cold as Toowoomba but we did put the heater on late in the evening to take the chill off.

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Creek in town, Toowoomba


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Need more thermals before we push on!

sunny 15 °C

Thu 16 June Toowoomba 
Up early and it's really cold so ww thought we'd stay the day and went back to bed. We'd has to unplug the van from the house because we tripped the power switch when they turned on the TV last night so no heater also no water as the van tank was empty and the garden tap wasn't working so we had to wash up dishes using bottled water.
Lesley and Elise has errands to run so we decided to meet up at The Coffee Club on Margaret Street at 11am.
We got into town early and were lucky enough to get a park out the front so took the boys across the road to run around the weir of the creek that runs through town (pic).
We had some time so went to the camping store and bough Jimmi some thermals and fleece sleeping bag liners on special for $40!
Had a nice lunch and went shopping - Jimmi got some Ian Harold boots. we went to The Gluten Free Shop and bought bread, cake!, waffles! And some slice. A bit of indulgent goodies.
The boys had another little run before we went back to Lesley's and Jim took them to the park.
We chatted and watched TV and pizza again - another indulgence.
I was booking accommodation for tomorrow night when Elise's fiancé Max brought over her two girls to meet uncle Jim, so I only so them for a few minutes before they had to go home for dinner.
We retired pretty early to watch a movie - Sanctum because the DVD player wasn't working. Said Goodbye to Cam because he was starting work at 6am the next day and we probably weren't going to see him before he left.
After the movie - good, we climbed in our fleece liners (3 degrees tonight) and sleeping bags for a good night sleep.

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