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Helensvale (Gold Coast) - Saturday 27.06.2011
The Big Orange - not so big! 17.06.2011
Toowoomba to the Gold Coast 17.06.2011
Creek in town, Toowoomba 16.06.2011
Toowoomba 16.06.2011
Cooyar Range - pine trees 15.06.2011
Silverleaf to Toowoomba 15.06.2011
Gin Gin to Silverleaf 14.06.2011
Robby's front gate & windmill 14.06.2011
Ban Ban Springs 14.06.2011
Fields of cotton 14.06.2011
Kinka Beach to Gin Gin 14.06.2011
Rockhampton - cows as signs! 13.06.2011
Keppel Sands off the road to Kinka Beach from Rockhampton 13.06.2011
Keppel Sands inlet - looks like great fishing - noticed the 13.06.2011
Kinchant Dam - Kinchant Waters Resort - our spot by the wate 13.06.2011
Kinchant Waters Resort - our spot by the water 13.06.2011
This is US by Suttor River, finally on the bitumen - only a 13.06.2011
Laying a new railway on the Suttor Development Road 13.06.2011
Glendon Rest Stop - Levi & the big scoop 13.06.2011
Lake Elphinstone Rest Area - checked it out for next time. F 13.06.2011
Outback Qld roads are red! 13.06.2011
When they say WIDELOAD they mean it - 10 metres 13.06.2011
Road to Mount Coolon - a lot of dust and not a lot of visito 13.06.2011
The making of a road! This done by our dinner companions th 13.06.2011
Heading out of Townsville to Sydney 13.06.2011
Kinka Beach to Gin Gin 13.06.2011
Kinka Beach - Sunday of the long weekend 13.06.2011
Kinka Beach - Saturday of the long weekend 13.06.2011
Kinchant Waters to Kinka Beach 13.06.2011
Mount Coolon to Kinchant Waters 13.06.2011
Townsville to Mount Coolon 13.06.2011